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Bishop is a writer, commentator, educator and aspiring actor whose advocacy is expressed in his published work discussing topics spanning from the wrongful conviction of innocent men and woman, to the children and families affected, to surrogate rights, or the lack there of. He became immensely passionate with the policies, struggles and the many social injustices that plague The United States and the world regarding minorities in his early twenties.

    He attributes his eagerness to construct change, in part, to the many teachers, instructors, professors’ family members, friends and the copious stories of injustice he had been told throughout his youth up to adulthood. This is partially why he is so eager to host the podcast, Unsought POV.

    A millennial mover and shaker, full of laughter and spunk, Bishop is a force you definitely want on your team. Always ready to bring a new POV to the table, he is the one you have to keep your eye on. Coming from an artistic background, he is primed in keeping listeners on their toes, entertained and informed. This is definitely an unsolicited point of view you do not want to miss.


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