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    Storm is a writer, commentator, and co-host of the Unsought POV Podcast. Writing since the young age of nine, she’s always had a story to tell, rarely allowing anything stop her from expressing it. Her work has been published in The Famuman, Tallahassee News, Black PR Wire, The Palm Zoo, and the Innocence Project of Florida.

   As a first-generation Haitian-American, education and hard work were two phrases she could never escape. Spending many summers in Haiti allowed her to understand the beauty of the county, but also the many hardships her parents faced, which served as motivation to heed her mother’s advice and create a better life for herself and the generation to follow.

   After obtaining a degree in Public Relations from Florida A&M University, she worked for corporate America only to realize her ability to tell a story was being suppressed, she decided to follow a different career path. Passionate about social and criminal justice, she is motivated to bring awareness through her writing and her voice.

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